Mild Mannered Men

Mild Mannered Men™

I thought I had made; a perfect venture fund to back my dreamed telecom deal. I just got engaged to the love of my life, Laura. Everything was falling into place, was suddenly shattered. Now can I save her and keep us alive.

Mild Mannered Men™ Anchors its orbit in a mixture of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, LA Confidential, and scented by a jazzy blues soundtrack. There is a novel, screenplay, and storyboard ready to go.

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Mild Mannered Men™ Cover Story.

The Mild Mannered Men™ Universe, you, an average Joe, is dealt a bad hand; shadows engulf you with no way out. At the end of your rope, with only your witts, can you become a super spy or action hero with little time or training to survive? Your world depends upon it.

Mild Mannered Men™ Universe games & media as a focus for the future of the IP: