America is at Risk!


The American Republic has been threatened on a global scale by those who hate freedom and democracy. Humanity is damaged. Depressed. Torn. Divided. The country is desperate for a uniting force to take the focus away from today’s petty arguments and return the world to more traditional conflicts based upon silly lines drawn on a map hundreds or thousands of years ago.


One brilliant man has delivered the solution by bringing back the elite leaders from America’s past, The American Presidents! These tried and true leaders, bloodied and bruised, successes and failures, have been brought together to defend truth, justice, and the American way.

Athletes by Day.


The American Presidents are back and they’re badass! Their cover? To the outside world, PrezSports™ is a squad of elite athletes competing at the highest levels.

That may look like Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Obama but they pull it off disguised as the brutal second row for the United States Rugby Team. Ulysses Grant is a dominant powerlifter! JFK is a world-class skier.

Who throws the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl? Of course, under deep cover, the Gipper himself! This is only outdone when that master goal scorer Teddy Roosevelt puts one in the back of the net and screams Bully for all the world to see!


Heroes by Night!


When duty calls, the PrezSports™ team springs into action, transforming into PrezHeroes™ to patriotically face down the gravest threats to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

Our guys use historical smarts and modern technology to combat the evilest of villains.

There is no petty political divisiveness in this group, our heroes fight together to unite the people and guarantee that the American Dream lives on for all!

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