Game Designs

Here are a few original intellectual property game projects.
Full design documents are available.

The Haunt

The Haunt is a horror mystery adventure game of fun role-playing, discovery, intrigue, deceit, clues & puzzles. You will need your wits & friends to survive to the end. Players may get lost in another plane of existence, attacked by dimensional rift monsters, or have their souls stolen from them. Traps, puzzles, and treasures await in a competitive wild new game experience made to turn an evening into a party.

You can’t always be sure who you can trust, they may be possessed, and act against you, and if your friend loses their soul can you be the one to find it? Place your bets, it’s time to play.



Helix-X is a genetics program that uses insect & human DNA to create super animal weapons that can think and follow orders. Getting the brain right was tricky. The early series were just monsters, later versions were more intelligent, and now many have developed personalities & psionic mental powers.

Many Biotech companies are competing for lucrative contracts both on and off-world. Thousands of creature designs have been patented each with unique abilities


IPS has created a variety of games for Warner Bros, Sony, PC, Playstation, Xbox, Interplay, Williams Electronics, Stan Lee Entertainment, and others. Worked on well-known intellectual property game projects, like Batman, Justice League, Superfriends, and The Spirit.