Instant Idol

Instant Idol – Revolutionizing online music through a proprietary VR/AR & Mobile gaming platform that teaches while it entertains.

Instant Idol Overview

Where Napster and file-sharing have devastated Artist revenues, Instant Idol will bring it home again. I-I is a win-win platform whereby both Artists & online Gamers are handsomely rewarded for their musical talents.

Making music interactive through creating a dynamic social media community exploiting personalized music interests. Instant Idol fulfills the growing demand for new Artist content. Jamming with music Idols & Fan favorites encourages learning & talent development. Complimentary to all existing online music services. Broaden your Fan base globally while handsomely rewarding your Users, young & old! Increased monetization for Artists long underpaid for their musical prowess! These are the highlights. For additional info from Mirror, Mirror – Off the Wall for Instant Idol(c) please sign in and review our confidential company brief at

Artists – Fulfill your desire to be substantially rewarded for your talent while simultaneously acting as Teacher and Mentor to millions of would-be musicians. Bring your Fans on the road (all of them!) for every date on the tour as they gladly pay you to let them play along live. Play live from small intimate venues, and be in on a generous share of the online gate and advertising revenues.

Agents – Fresh talent is delivered to your door through our proprietary platform, then dropped in your lap 24/7 – 365, as millions of potential new signings, jam live with their music idols night and day.

Gamers – Compete live to win cash and prizes! Follow your Stars from venue to venue and choose from a diverse selection of live events as you schedule your sessions jumping from one live event to the next. Find a gig, plugin, and then play on to cash in on your talent. Playing along live you can rock it from anywhere on the planet as you learn from your favorite Artists while pursuing your dream of becoming the next Instant Idol.
Advertisers & Sponsors – Get your message out to hundreds of millions through our innovative online marketing and advertising strategies.